About The Retro Dome

In 2009, a dedicated group of artists and theatre lovers came together to resurrect the dilapidated Century 25 movie theatre and breathe new life into the grey, dome-shaped building occupying the corner of Saratoga Avenue and Prospect Road in San Jose, California. After infusing color and life into every inch of the building, Guggenheim Entertainment, Inc. opened the doors of "The Retro Dome" and brought weekend after weekend of entertainment to the Silicon Valley with professional musical theatre, retro movies, and sing-alongs. In 2012, we learned our time in the Dome would have to come to an end. It wasn't surprising news but it was devastating nonetheless and came a bit earlier than expected. After three years of blood, sweat and tears to create something endearing and enduring for the community, we'd have to pack up our bags and leave behind our home away from home.

To learn more about the closure as well as find answers to other frequently asked questions, visit our FAQs page.

Although The Retro Dome was a fantastic venue we remember that it was the people, not just the place, that gave the community so much in such a short time:

Allen Guggenheim Karen Guggenheim Lillian Guggenheim Allyson Guggenheim
Jill Dacanay Julie Engelbrecht Scott Aaron Jackson Karinne Kleinbort
Ashley Little Hilary Little Jerry McAllister Nancy McClymont
Gary Miner Jeani Miner Kimberley Miner Terry Miner
Gary Naillon Kenneth Patterson Armida Robles Richard Sanchez
Greg Semenza Bob Smay James Smith Melina Smoker
Richard Smoker Heather Stokes Tim Sutton Thomas Tomasello Diana Wiley

Special thanks to the actors, designers, and musicians who gave life to our events:

Marina Agabekov, Sarah Aili, Joseph Antonicelli, Adam Theodore Barry, Charlton Barton, Justin Basl, Molly Bell, Leanne Borghesi, Don Bosco, Catherine Brady, Tracy Camp, Isai Centeno, Mark Cepeda, Brian Conway, Stephanie Copperman, Kevin Cornelius, Paul Cosentino, Linda Covington, Jackson Davis, Tony DiCorti, Julie Engelbrecht Breigh Finnerty, Emmet Foley, Tony Gaiten, Shannon Guggenheim, Stephen Guggenheim, Susan Gundunas, Ric Iverson, Scott Aaron Jackson, Jeffrey Jones, Gus Kambeitz, Heather Klein, Tish Leong, Ashley Little, Hilary Little, Jessica Martin, Mark Martinez, Jerry McAllister, Gabrielle McColgan, Nancy McClymont, Kate McCormick, Kimberley Miner, Danelle Medeiros, Frankie Mulcahy, Sean Patrick Murtagh, Nick Nakashima, Nick Ruiz, Lizzie O'Hara, Jeanine O'Neal, Alan Palmer, Aidan Park, Charlie Parker, Lee Ann Payne, Colette Phelps, Keith Pinto, Linda Piccone, Hector Quintana, Ray Renati, Richard Sanchez, Heather Stokes, Tom Tomasello, Ruth Butterfield-Winter, The Bawdy Caste, College of Adaptive Arts, ComedySportz, San Jose Chamber Orchestra, The Students of The Scene, and The Young Company