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The Retro Dome Memory Book

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$70.00 each


We are so pleased that so many of you were able to join us for our Farewell Event in January. (Or, for those invitees with last minute cancelations, you were missed! We hope all of those fans who stayed home with illness are on the mend!)

Many of our guests mentioned they'd like to learn about how to get one of the scrapbooks we created for our staff and actors. We're happy to make it available to you here:

  • 12"x12" hard cover, glossy book
  • 26 full color pages
  • Each live musical we produced is represented with beautiful spreads of quality photography
  • Numerous pages highlighting our interactive movie events (with lots of pix of fans!)
  • Wonderful spreads of the Dome "before and after"
  • and a year-by-year listing of every event produced at The Retro Dome

$70 includes shipping to your U.S. postal address; some restrictions may apply re. P.O. boxes due to its size. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

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Auntie M
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Saw this at the final show. It is gorgeous. If you love the Retro Dome, you will buy this book. Yes, it is very well produced and worth the money.

Kevin Standlee
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Got my copy last weekend. It's a lovely book and a fitting tribute to the Dome's memory.

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