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Scott Guggenheim, Producer

Welcome to the Retro Dome

From 2009-2013, Guggenheim Entertainment, Inc. operated The Retro Dome in San Jose in the former Century 25 theatre. Audiences enjoyed live professional theatre, revival film, interactive events like sing-alongs and quote-alongs, and theatre classes.

When the landlords demolished the venue in 2014, Retro Dome programming continued at Century 21 as well as at Camera 7 and Camera 12 until each of those venues were shuttered between 2014 and 2017. The producers continue to offer entertainment and events throughout the state.

Guggenheim Entertainment is actively searching for a permanent home to continue programming in a South Bay location. The producers anticipate they will have an announcement in the summer of 2017 about a new location.

This website will be updated once programming resumes at a new location. In the meantime, to receive email updates and learn about opportunities to attend our programs, please click here to join our e-list.

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